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  Switch Kit Introduction

Welcome to Financial Center!

Before you begin the process, you will need the folowing information-

  • General Information
    • Your Name
    • Your Address
    • Financial Center Account Number
    • Your Daytime Phone Number
    • Current Institution Name
    • Current Institution Address
    • Current Institution Routing Number
    • Current Institution Account Number

  • Account Closure Request
    • Account Closure Account Number
    • Account Closure Institution Name
    • Account Closure Institution Address
    • Date to Close Current Account

  • Automatic Withdrawal Changes
    • Date of Change
    • Number of Auto withdrawals to be changed
    • Each Withdrawal Institution Name
    • Each Withdrawal Institution Address
    • Each Withdrawal Institution Amount
    • Each Withdrawal Institution Scheduled Withdrawal Date

  • Direct Deposit Changes
    • Date of Change
    • Number of Direct Deposits to be changed
    • Each Direct Deposit Institution Name
    • Each Direct Deposit Institution Address
    • Each Direct Deposit Institution Amount

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